Students can use this site to get information about Hernan Cortez when he arrives in Mexico. This site details the accounts of Cortes leaving Cuba to head west to present day Mexico. In his journey Cortez he comes across different native groups including the Aztecs in which they believe him to be a god. Cortes uses this belief as well as his power with his army to conquer the Aztecs.
Google maps will be used though out the lesson to show the students where each one of the explorers started and where they went to. This can also be used as an interactive tool where students can come up to the board and draw where they believe each explorer left and went to.
This site gives a very brief description of who each explorer was. It also gives a map pointing out the different routes the explorers took. This will give the students a visual image of the routes the explorers took. (Cortes and Columbus)
This site gives detailed accounts of different explorers and where they have gone. This link is the home page to the site. To learn about Da Gama click the link that says Asia. By clicking from page to page down at the bottom it talks about Da Gama’s voyages and why he was going. By clicking on the link that says Columbus this site will give you information about preparations to explore west of Spain. It then goes into detail about his journey including a passage from his journal. Linked to the Columbus page as well as if clicking on the Americas tab it will bring up more explorers, including Cortes and Pizarro, if clicked on proceed with the tutorial. It details the contact the explorers had with the indigenous people.
This website gives a detailed account of Pizarro conquest over the Incas. It gives a brief description of Pizarro’s background of where he was from. It goes into more detailed account of his voyages to the new world. It is a series of short pages linked together in which it tells about Pizarro and the Incas.
Christopher Columbus is described in detail on this site. On the sites homepage you can click to many different links that will give you information about Columbus that the author has wrote. It breaks his voyages down so it is easy to find the information you are looking for.